Water — The crucial intake we rarely care : -

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The human cells are consisting of Protein and water. It is a unique demand for the human body. But, people do not give that importance to the intake of it. To remain healthy our body, need to remain hydrated. Water has to act in many areas. It washes our organs. It removes the toxicity of our body. It helps to dissolve vitamins and minerals in cells. It cleans our blood. Enough water intake can reduce the chances of a heart attack. Our muscles also need water to remain soft for stretching. Skin and hair damage can also be reduced by hydrating our body. A normal adult should take 4 to 5 litres of water every day. We can not store it hence have to take regularly.

Dehydration can be threatening to life. Hence, we must take care, especially in Summer. Hydrating our body not always mean the taking of water only. There are many things that we may intake to hydrate our form.

1. Liquids:

In summer season always prefer more liquids rather than solid as your food. Try to gather your regular requirements from the juices and others. It boosts energy; also avoids any digestive issue.

2. Watermelon:

It is an absolute water-based fruit. If you follow it is available in summer only. It also a good source of vitamin C and minerals. It serves in nourishing our skin. Watermelon also helps in cancer prevention.

3. Grapes:

Grapes are another water-rich fruit. It contains the rare vitamin K. It is a strong antioxidant. Hence helps in preventing cancer and removing stress.

4. Sugarcane:

Taking the juice of sugarcane is another way to hydrate yourself. It is not for only good taste. Sugarcane is an instant energy booster. It also works in the digestive system and controls the bilirubin level in blood.

5. Cucumber:

Cucumbers are another source to hydrate our body. They are also highly rich in water content. Apart from that, they help in reducing weight. Cucumbers are also antioxidant. They work on the skin. Also, they help in digestion.

So, water is essential for our body. But we can take the above items also to keep ourselves hydrated always.

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Water — The crucial intake we rarely care.