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People sometimes mix up the concept of the spa with a beauty parlour. Hence, they go with the misconception that the spa is for women only. But as per the activity, it has an equal effect on men too. To take the truth men are much more stressed nowadays than women. Work culture has changed its pattern. People in the job has to put more job hours than before. A large part of working-class is doing the job in private sectors. They have to handle huge work pressure there. Thus, they never take proper care for their health and body. In turn, suffer from lifestyle diseases irrespective of age. In general women are more health and beauty conscious than men.
But the scenario is changing rapidly. Now, 45% to 50% of the men population is going to a spa and salon.
Today everyone likes to be good-looking. Presentability is a prime factor in the market. People spend money on it. We can find that the numbers of spa and salon are increasing day by day in our surroundings. It was the time when this facility was only enjoyed by the class people. Now that boundary is broken. Many thinks to have spa treatments for their well beings. A spa can take care of many regular problems faced by common people. Obesity, Insomnia, Pain relief are few of them. It is increasing its working horizon with new developments.

Men use them for many reasons :

1. For many occupations, men like to remove hairs from their chest, back. Waxing is a popular way to do it. It is not harmful to skin and lasts long. Sometimes men use this method for removal of beard. They don't like to shave daily to save time.
2. Going to the gym is another popular activity among men today. Men avail spa for a good massage to tone up their muscles. There are many types of massages that are offered by a branded spa. Every type has its usefulness. Men can select any of them from a wide basket.
3. Manicure is another point to go to a spa by men. Generally, women care for their fingernails. They use nail polish over them. But men are reluctant to doing so. They were not that much aware of its utility. But today men also doing a manicure regularly and hence go to a spa.
4. Those who are in modelling or any exposure business, use the spa for body scrubbing. It enhances the glow of the skin. Hence, they feel confident before the camera.
5. Men also enjoy the ambiance of a spa. They take it as their relaxation. They enjoy the time they spent in massaging or any other treatment.
With all these, the subject of spa and salon treatment is no more segregated for women only. It is very much approachable by the men. That is why the number of male customers is increasing day by day.
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