Welcome to Harara Spa & Salon.

Welcome to the Harara Spa & Salon

Harara Spa and Salon cordially welcomes all to a new arena of relaxation and refreshment from the burden of our daily boring routine.
Harara Spa has every possible equipment to change a boring day in a crowded city into a serene and refreshing one. Soothing Music and charming aromas provide the perfect setting for you to experience our Spa treatments. It removes all your worries, anxieties and cares. Every specific massage serves a special purpose. Different techniques are used to achieve different goals. Our primary motto is the complete satisfaction of our valuable customers.
Harara Spa has highly trained and equally experienced therapists. They use personalized need specific methods and natural materials. These relax, rejuvenate and heal the body and soul of any person. And the result is simply amazing. The treatments we provide create an addiction in the minds of our clients.
Harara Spa conducts Spa therapy, Beauty facials, Ayurveda massage and Yoga for ultimate satisfaction of our clients. We get great applause from them. Harara Spa & Salon is a reputed and leading beauty parlor in Lonavla. We are remarkable for our unique services.

Signature Spa Experiences
In the 21st century, spa therapy comprises of different segments of relaxation into one combined sector to provide holistic therapies, beauty therapy, fitness and nutrition under the same roof. In such a vast sector for consideration, we stress on the holistic therapies that we can apply along with the beauty therapy context. The outcome is always authentic and prosperous.

Swedish massage therapy is an inseparable segment in the arena of beautification that comes to mind evidently when most people consider about massage. As the popular and renowned type of bodywork performed today, one of the staple objects of the Swedish massage technique is to supply relaxation to the entire body to refresh it from the clutches of exhaustion.

Body Treatments
Body treatments evidently signify a facial for your entire torso resulting your skin feeling velvety smooth and soft and yielding. The conception behind a body treatment is just as significant to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate the skin protecting your body as it is the skin of your face. It offers complete satisfaction of our mind and soul that enhances and invigorates our energy level.

Our Popularity in The Spa Industry

In the salon and spa industry in India Hararaspa is an eminent name. We have gained such popularity by offering top-class spa and salon treatments & healing to our clients. We have satisfactorily served lots of clients in Lonavala and Pathankot. They are highly pleased with our top-quality services. In Lonavala, our Spa in Lonavala is a popular name with the clients. We are also popular there as the leading Unisex Spa & Message Parlour in Lonavala and Beauty Parlour in Lonavala. In Pathankot, people like Spa in Pathankot and Beauty Parlour in Pathankot as a distinguished brand in the spa & salon industry. Contact Hararaspa for a remarkable spa experience. Our services will surely please you.